“A Great Official with Class.”

- Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant

“Thanks for the great job you do.”

- Coach Lou Holtz

“The Best.”

- Broadcaster Keith Jackson

“You’re terrific.”

- Carol Burnett

“...the best program we’ve ever had!”

- Kiwanis Club

“You delivered just what the doctor ordered.”

- Alabama Power Company

“...unique leadership lessons...”

- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

“...an endless number of humorous stories...”

- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

“...a true gift of communication and wonderful sense of humor.”

- Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership

“In 30 years I've rarely seen a guest speaker receive a standing ovation.”

- Bellsouth

“...he completely held the audience in his hand, even those who don’t proclaim to be football fans.”

- Blue Cross Blue Shield

“He is a masterful storyteller.”

- Blue Cross Blue Shield

“Your presentation has received ‘rave’ reviews!”


“an entertaining and inspiring start to our fall semester.”

- Samford University

“I have your leadership lessons taped to my desktop.”

- Samford University

“You have served our country with distinction and honor.”

- President Bill Clinton